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DIAMOND, Incorporated, was founded by William H. Bobb as a grass roots enterprise (Investors Information) to provide a solution to the growing fuel shortages that plague our transportation needs.  The primary goal of this corporation is the design, development and manufacture of Alternative Resource Vehicles (ARV).  The descriptive term “Alternative Resource Vehicles” was coined to refer to vehicles that employ a variety of resources that are the most advantageous for the particular vehicle being produced.  This includes various forms of alternative fuel sources for propulsion, state of the art composition materials in their construction, and ingenious designs incorporated within the vehicle’s form and function.  Initially this company will be a small venture that will create a limited number of electric motorcycles in the first few years of existence.  However, the long-term goal of DIAMOND is to grow into a dominant position within the transportation industry, which will mass produce vehicles of all types to be distributed worldwide.






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